• Classes Geared Toward Students Involved in their Poms, Orchesis, High School Dance Team, or Musical Theatre Productions

  • Students that need to specifically focus on building their skills and technique for Poms, Orchesis, High School Dance Team, or Musical Theatre Productions can find those classes here at the Academy!

    We have specialty classes for Teens in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and Musical Theatre. These classes help build and strengthen Dance skills needed for today’s requirements on their High School Poms, Orchesis, School Dance Team, or Musical Theatre Productions. Please see our current Academy schedule for class day and time or call The Academy at 630-495-4940 for more information and to have a schedule sent to you.

    Additional classes that also can help a Dancer to attain better skill level are Stretch and Strengthening, Leaps and Turns, and Contemporary Jazz Technique. Dancers must be at the appropriate level to take these classes per instructor approval. Please contact the Academy to take a class in any of the above mentioned classes for placement.

    The Academy prides itself in helping all our Dancers achieve their personal goals in Dance and to be an asset for their High School Teams that require strong dance skills. Academy Classes are taught by outstanding Professional Instructors which can assess the needs of each Dancer and work on development and advancement for that Dancer. Private Instruction when needed is also encouraged so that Dancers are prepared for High School Dance Team auditions and can perform needed skills for success in making their High School Dance Team of their choice.

    It is also important for ALL students to understand that training to accomplish, refine, and master dance technique and skills is a commitment to a weekly training schedule. It is NOT developed in “6 easy lessons.” Dancers wanting to attain success need to start as early as possible to train their bodies and be willing to devote time and energy of development of skills in order to be chosen for their High School Dance Team of choice.

    Many of our Teen Dancers may also decide to become part of the Alliance Teen Teams I or II here at The Academy. These Teams are a part of the “Academy Dance Alliance” – a National Award Winning Competitive and Performing Dance Company. These Teams were specifically created to help our young Dancers that are focused in learning more intensive Dance Skills and Technique. The Teen I and Teen II Teams require a smaller time commitment which allows these Students to participate in High School Teams and other school activities.

    If a Dancer is interested in “The Academy Dance Alliance Team”, please click on the following link for the Teen Team’s Rules and Regulations for additional information. If you discern you would like to audition for the “Alliance” and to become a member, please speak with one of your current Academy Instructors or speak with the Front Desk or call at 630-495-4940. We shall be happy to guide you through the process to become a Teen Team Alliance Member for excellence in Dance Training.