• Pointe Studies

  • Level C - Pre-Pointe and Pointe I

    Students preparing for Pointe Studies and Beginning Pointe technique. Introduction to Pointe I work develops the necessary strength needed to dance on Pointe.  Emphasis on proper alignment and development of ankle and foot strength is of great importance to guard against injury. C - Level Students in Pointe I are highly recommended to take three (3) C – Level Technique classes and three (3) Pointe I classes per week.  Please see Front Desk before purchasing initial pair of Pointe shoes.  All first time Pointe students are required to have the instructor check and approve the initial pair of Pointe shoes for proper fit and style.

  • Level C/D - Pointe I/II

    Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Pointe Technique.  Four (4) – classes per week are highly recommended for the serious Student.  A student taking less than the recommended amount risk injury as proper strength for Pointe Work becomes difficult to maintain and build. Students are advised when to add a fourth pointe technique to their schedules. Centre work is introduced, more advanced steps, and continued understanding of building aplomb in all steps and positions sur les pointe.



  • Level D/Pointe III

    Intermediate Pointe Technique at 4 times per week is now highly recommended for the serious student for further advancement of pointe technique.  A student taking less than the recommended amount risk injury as proper strength for Pointe work becomes difficult to maintain and build. Students continue to build skill level in all aspects of Intermediate Pointe work through such steps as échappés, soussus, relevés, bourrées, multiple types of pirouettes, chainés, piqué turns, hops sur les pointe, sissonne, and Ballonnés sur les pointe.  In this manner, technical strength and aplomb continue their advancement to reach the advanced level of dancing sur les pointe.

  • Level E/Pre-Professional Pointe IV

    Advanced and Pre-Professional Level Pointe Technique.  Five (5) classes per week are mandatory for the serious Student.  Very advanced combinations of an intricate nature are taught to prepare the Student for the professional demands of difficult ballet choreography for both Classical and Contemporary Pointe work.  Of utmost importance is the continuing focus on stamina, strength, and clean technique in all areas for Academy Pointe Students.

  • Classical Variations

    Variations I
    Classical Variations are introduced and continue to build technical skills and strength.  This gives the student opportunity to be expressive while learning some of the basic variations from the classical repertoire.  Variations I are offered during Summer Course Classes.

    Variations II
    More technically difficult and artistically challenging Variations are taught from the classical repertoire as well as Variations from the great choreographers of the 20th century.  This class is offered throughout the school year for the more serious and advanced Ballet dancer.