• Our Vision and Mission

  • The Academy's vision and mission is to share with our students the passion and love for the art of dance which is innate in all human beings.

  • When enrolling in dance classes at the Academy, the benefits to each dancer are boundless.  Students experience the fun, stimulation, and joy of moving to music and training in dance movement guided by expert hands.

    Through Academy syllabus based dance programs, our students are taught and receive correct technical training from the beginning with Academy Master Instructors in all the Dance Arts.

    The Academy features unique Young Children's Dance Programs headed by professionally trained and experienced adult instructors. As students progress they have world-class comprehensive Ballet and Contemporary Programs to set their foundational technical skills for proper development and education for all the Dance Arts.  Many Academy alumni have gone on to wonderful careers in all the Dance Arts on Broadway, L.A., and Vegas, and to major World-renowned Companies (Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary) here in the U.S. and Europe. Our alumni also go on to top College Dance Programs, earning extensive Scholarship Awards and Advanced Degrees in Dance.  Academy Dancers also are highly involved in their high school Orchesis and Dance Teams as "Captains" and student choreographers due to the excellent training they receive from the Academy.

    Some of our proudest achievements with Academy students are that they gain self confidence and develop lasting friendships, all while learning empowerment through dedication and good work ethics.  Our dancers reap the rewards of personal success as they strive to reach their full potential as dancers and human beings.

    So, whether your child dances for her/his love of the Art of Dance, or has dreams of a career, let the Academy be your student's home for Dance Training and Dance Education at it's finest.

  • "Our most important goal achieved through the discipline and rigors of dance training is to maintain a respectful and joyful environment for all our students as they achieve their goals in dance and in life."

    - Sherry Moray, Founder & Artistic Director