• Modern Technique Program Classes

  • Please call The Academy for a current schedule:  (630) 495-4940

    Modern is a form of dance born at the turn of the century which resembles the modern art and music movement in being experimental and iconoclastic, with the original intent of rebelling against the rigid formalism of classical academic ballet. Early pioneers of this dance form sought to inspire audiences to a new awareness of inner and outer realities, now a goal shared by all subsequent modern and contemporary dancers and choreographers.

    Modern dance has now evolved into a style of dance that incorporates ballet technique, creating movement through shapes in space and expressing ideas and emotions which follow the musical intent.

  • The proper way to use space, levels, and the floor to create a theatricalization and intensity in the projection of movement is taught. This form of dance creates strong dancers for all contemporary work through the usage of the Horton Technique and Release Technique. It is strongly advised that a dancer should have a solid understanding of basic ballet technique.

  • Junior Modern Technique (8-10 yrs)

    This class introduces Modern to Academy Students.  It is important that Students are studying Ballet in order to understand and grasp technical skills, vocabulary, and usage of the core muscle groups for sustained and controlled movements.


  • Intermediate Modern Technique (11-13 yrs)

    Modern technique continues to be a focus as well as development of moving through the body alignment from on center, to off center, and back again.  This develops extreme core strength and versatility for choreographic work.


  • Senior Modern Technique (14 yrs & up)

    Focus will be on alignment and body structure as well as building flexibility and strength.