• Kung Fu and Tai Chi

  • Kung Fu for Kids

    Kung Fu means achievement through effort and diligence independent of an individual’s natural ability and Kung Fu for Kids is available to all children regardless of their level of experience.

    A child’s achievements in Kung Fu for Kids are self-discipline, dedication, perseverance and the experience of team camaraderie as they learn flowing sequences of martial arts movements.

  • Master Troy does not teach aggression or competition.  His methods offer children a chance to experience a sense of accomplishment that can only be felt by having earned it.  They learn personal achievement as they find the inner strength to progress through the ranks of belt levels.

    Master Troy teaches Kung Fu for Kids at The Academy and the Fox Valley Park District.

  • Tai Chi for Health

    When Master Troy founded Heritage Tai Chi & Kung Fu, the choice of the word ‘Heritage’ was deliberate as he follows a lineage of Tai Chi that uses time-tested methods of bringing health and balance to its practitioners.

    This is not a standard exercise class, rather it is an exploration of an ancient internal martial art as it applies to health. The words ‘Tai Chi’ translate into ‘grand ultimate balance’ and balance is the objective in the practice of Tai Chi. 

  • The goal of bringing this harmony to mind, body and spirit is to promote less stress and improved health. This goal is pursued by learning various breath/energy exercises and a sequence of movements called the Form.    

    In addition to learning the physical movements, the student will learn the historical foundation and origins of Tai Chi and the philosophy on which it is based to further their understanding of this art.  

    With practice and Master Troy’s guidance, breath and body start to come into harmony; the right works with the left; the top with the bottom; there is breath with movement and stillness in motion. Join the journey to Tai Chi.

    Master Troy teaches Tai Chi for Health at The Academy, the Naperville and Fox Valley Park Districts and the Edward Fitness Centers.