• Combination Jazz and Tap Classes

  • Please call The Academy for a current schedule: (630) 495-4940 

  • Beginning Tap/Jazz (Approx. 5-6 yrs)

    Our beginners will be introduced to basic Tap and Jazz technique. We begin by using simple tap movements and combining steps into short combinations and routines. By using songs and dance movements, performance skills are developed. In addition, the students will work on simple rhythms, formations and occasionally use some props. Jazz skills taught are of age appropriate material and prepare the dancer in the development of more complex steps. The Jazz portion of the class will focus on pirouettes, chainés, footwork combinations, and an introduction to basic leaps, small jumps and floor work. A routine for Performance will be prepared.

    Note: It is highly recommended that all Dancers going into a more advanced level in either Tap or Jazz transfer to an hour long class in each Dance Discipline after one year of Combo Class. In this manner, dancers will continue to focus at an accelerated pace in each dance discipline.