• Additional Classes & Teen and Adult Classes

  •  Please call the Academy for a current schedule:  (630) 495-4940

  • Teen Classes

  • Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz/Contemporary, Teen Hip Hop

    The study of Ballet builds a strong clean technical foundation for ALL the Dance Arts.  Teen Ballet also includes Stretch & Strengthening to help achieve refinement in Ballet Technique and ease of movement.

    The Academy offers Teen classes also in Jazz, and Hip-Hip for students ages 11 years and over beginning through advanced.  For other recommended classes for Teens, please call The Academy at 630-495-4940 for advisement of proper placement, days, times and dance disciplines offered.

  • Teen Jazz/Musical Theatre

    This fun class focuses on Jazz steps and style utilized for Musical Theatre.  Students involved in their High School Musical Theatre Productions find that this class helps them to prepare for the "Broadway Style" Jazz Movement and Steps that will be utilized in their Musical Theatre Productions in school.

  • Adult Classes

  • Beginning Adult Tap, Adult Ballet

    The Academy offers Adult classes in Tap and Ballet.  Obtain schedule for other possible classes for Adults by calling The Academy for various levels in each dance discipline and proper placement.  (630) 495-4940

  • Stretch and Strengthening/Pilates Classes

  • Stretch and Strengthen ("S & S")

    Stretch and Strengthen and/or Pilates Mat classes are highly recommended for ALL Students! Proper stretching and limbering of all the joints and muscles is taught according to age and class level capabilities.  This helps in the development of high extensions and ease of movement quality as well as injury prevention.  Strengthening exercises of all muscle groups (especially core muscles) are equally concentrated upon to help the dancer attain aplomb in all dance movement.  Isometric exercises which build strength in different muscle groups, Pilates based exercises, and Hatha Yoga postures and stretches are also part of the routine of the class.  Stretch bands may be purchased at the Front Desk.  2-lb. weights are needed for more advanced Levels.  Instructor will advise.

    Pilates Private Instruction on Reformer and Mat is offered by Instructor Carolyn Pak. Please see her bio on the Instructors page for more information.