• ADArts Team - "The Alliance"

  • Artistic Directors - Sherry Moray and Ricky Ruiz

  • The Academy Dance Alliance is a National Top Award-Winning Competitive and Performing Company. The “Alliance” is comprised of Teams that specialize in the following Dance Disciplines....

    • Contemporary Jazz/Jazz
    • Ballet/Lyrical
    • Tap/Musical Theatre
    • Hip Hop

    The “Alliance” mission is to create excellence in our dancer’s training so they develop passion for the art of dance, solid beautiful dance technique, and stage presence based on artistry thru individual and group development.

    The Alliance is comprised of professional instructors/coaches, which set goals for our “Alliance” dancers to strive for excellence, which develops dancers with talent, commitment, dedication, discipline and team spirit, along with love for the Dance Arts.

    The “Alliance” Choreographers work very hard to assure that fun yet innovative choreography is created in diverse dance styles in each dance discipline. This keeps our dancers well rounded and not becoming robots that become pigeon–holed and can only perform in one style of jazz, or one style of ballet, Hip Hop, or Tap.

    Alliance instructors and choreographers also encourage our dancers to be their best, reach personal goals in development of skills in dance, and pursue their dreams as a dancer, as well as in their life goals.

    The Alliance is made up of various levels for each Dance Discipline and placement is based on age, skill level, and commitment level for those dancers that are highly involved in academic school activities and High School Dance Teams.

    The Alliance “Teen Teams" I and II helps dancers that want to excel on their High School Dance Team/Poms/or Cheerleading squad, but wish to be part of the “Alliance: Competitive Team to further their development as a dancer.

    Please click here for our FAQ’s about the Academy Dance Alliance Teams, basic information about the Company, and Audition information.

    For further details to be sent out and assistance in learning more about the Alliance, please call or e-mail The Academy of Dance Arts, the official training school of “The Alliance.”

    Auditions may also be arranged for dancers wishing to be placed on a Team for the Alliance current performing/competitive season, which runs each year from early August through late August of the following year. Please see below for details on audition procedure.

    We look forward to assisting your dancer in learning and training for excellence in the Dance Arts.

  • "Alliance" Audition Information

    Company members are selected by annual auditions or invitation only. Academy Dance Alliance dancers have the opportunity to compete on a regional and national level in Tap, Contemporary Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, and Hip-Hop in solo, duet/trio, small group, large group divisions, and Productions. The company has had tremendous success over the years receiving numerous 1st place top overall awards Regionally and Nationally. Many of the Academy Dance Alliance soloists have won coveted Regional and National Dance Competition Scholarships and Titles. Listed below are the team levels, average age of each team and approximate amount of training required in order to audition.

    Mini 6-8 1 Year
    Mini Elite 9-10 2 Years
    Junior 10-12 3 Years
    Intermediate 12-14 4 Years
    Senior 15 and up 5 Years
    Teen 11 and up 1-2 Years

    All Team Member Placement is decided by both age and skill level

  • Auditions for the Academy Dance Alliance take place annually in the summer and at the beginning of the Academy school year. Please contact the front desk at (630) 495-4940 or check our Events Calendar for more information on the next ADA Auditions. Dancers interested in the "Alliance" for the future can take Company technique classes to help prepare them for joining the Team. Staff will help in directing each student on needs for optimal training in achieving desired goals in dance.

  • Pots and Pans
    ADA Tap Team Production

  • Complete packet of rules and regulations for the Academy Dance Alliance may be picked up at the front desk or will be sent out by request. If you are selected for the Academy Dance Alliance, there will be costs involved for competition fees, costumes, workshop fees, and other related expenses.  The complete packet of ADA information gives parents estimated costs.  The Academy front desk will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our "National Award Winning Alliance" Team.

    Please click here for FAQ's about the Academy Dance Alliance Performing and Competing Company

    For a list of ADA Team classes available, please refer to the listings in our Jazz and Contemporary Jazz class offerings.